written by Kent LaVoie / Billy Aerts / Will Robinson
Was it (just) my imagination
Just running away with me
I could have sworn she looked at him
The way she looks at me
Was I only hearing things
When she picked up the phone
Or did I really hear her say
"Don't call me at home"?

I'm losing sleep just wondering
If I'm losing her
Oh my head's just spinning round
And around and nothing's for sure

Am I going crazy
Or just out of her mind
Am I just seeing things
Or is she seeing some other guy
Lately it seems like
She don't need my time
Am I going crazy
Or just out of her mind

Is it me she's loving
When I'm holding her at night
I may not know what's wrong with us
But I do know things aren't right
If I'm only going crazy
I could live with that in time
But if she's really leaving me
(But if I'm really losing her)
I'll go out of my mind

Boo Music / Log Jam Music