written by Lobo
Too many people spend too much of their day
Looking over their shoulder
At what they did some other day
It may have been good
It may have been bad
Whichever way it's kinda sad
They can't learn to look some other way

Don't spend too much of today on yesterday
Cos you can't change the past anyway
Just love to live and live life today
Don't spend too much of today on yesterday

There are so many things to do that haven't been done
There are so many ways to go
That you don't have to run
So try on a few
And see how they fit
I think you'll find that they
Won't hurt a bit
Look at things you can do
Instead of what you have done

If you feel life has done you wrong
Just accept it and move on along
Today is too short it won't last
Live life now don't live in the past

copyright 1976
Boo Music