written by Kent "Lobo" LaVoie
Lately things ain't been the way they should be
I've been coming down on you
You've been coming down on me
I know the feeling's there
Like it always was
We just need sometime
To catch up on our love
We can't get away and go anywhere
We have too many things
To keep us right here
But I know a place
We can be alone
Let's lock the bedroom door
And unplug the phone
Let's take a long loving night
Holding each other tight
Touching each other like
Young lovers do
Let's turn some music on
And turn off the lights
And make our love right
With a long loving night
Let's just be lovers for awhile
And dance in the glow
Of the light from the radio dial
We'll whisper all the things
We need to say
When we get away
On our one night holiday

copyright 1981 Boo Music