written by Lobo
When I saw you with him today
You looked at me in that same old way
But he couldn't know
My eyes didn't show
The way I feel
The love that we knew
Was just a way
To bring him back to you
And knowing that it worked
Now that's what makes it hurt
Cos you'll never leave him now

He knows for sure you had a lover
But he never wants to know
Who it was
You told him it was just
A casual affair
Just a way to bring him home

No one will ever know
But your lover
How much in love with
Your lover you were
Or how much your lover
Is still in love with you
No one will ever know
No one will ever know

Now baby at night
When he's holding on to you tight
In the dark when he can't see
Do you ever think of me
I guess I'll never know

Boo Music