written by Billy Aerts / Erik Thorson
I used to think that I wrote the book
On the ways of love and what it took
To heat up a lady's heart
And make a flame burn

But in your arms, I'm a school boy again
So teach me 'bout love from beginning to end
The way you kiss
I know I've got a lot to learn

Baby, take it slow 'cause I'm a slow learner
It might even help if you show me twice
Baby, take your time 'cause I'm a slow learner
I want to love you right if it takes all night

I can learn anything by heart
So just show me where you want to start
We can burn the midnight oil
All night long

I want to know it all before I'm through
How can I fail with a teacher like you
What we started tonight
Could go on and on

Log Jam Music / Uncle Artie Music