written by Lobo

I been playing hide and seek
Not knowin what I'm after
I couldn't tell you who was it
I just heard the laughter

I been playin' different hands
Not knowin' how to win
It seems I'm knocking on my door
But never gettin' in

Let's have a hand for Susanne
She showed me what you play the games for
Ring the bells for the land
I want to tell the people what to look for
Ah hah let's have a hand for Susanne
Ah hah let's have a hand for Susanne

I been wondering in a maze
Made up by a genie
Just as lost as Alice was
I thought I was Houdini

Susanne said hey listen friend
Now would you like to play
I don't know the rules myself
But we can find a way

copyright 1972
Kaiser Music / Famous Music