THE PARTY'S OVER (Everybody's Gone)
written by Lobo / Jeff Raymond
Goodbye Hawkeye, So long Houlihan
B.J. and Klinger, Winchester and
Father Mulcahy and Colonel Potter gone
The party is over but the players will live on

The party's over everybody's gone
Now I know just how it feels
To really be alone
Was his Dad down at the station
When he reached Crab Apple Cove
His Mama waving from the kitchen
Was his cow down by the road

Did they throw a bash in Boston
Were the little girls all grown
Did they turn out in Toledo
To watch a man come marching home

Laughter was the remedy
You prescribed for every wound
Even suicide was painless
You even laughed at doom

Every week it was something
That needed to be shown
You sometimes hid the message
But you always brought it home

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