written by Morty Nevins / Al Nevins / Buck Ram
Heavenly shades of night are falling
It's twilight time
Out of the mist your voice is calling
It's twilight time
When purple colored curtains
Mark the end of day
I'll hear you my dear at twilight time

Deepening shadows gather splendor
As day is done
Fingers of night will soon surrender
The setting sun
I count the moments darling
Till your here with me
Together at last at twilight time

Here in the afterglow of love
We keep our rendezvous beneath the blue
Here in the same and sweet old way
I fall in love again as I did then

Deep in the park your kiss will thrill me
Like days of old
Lighting the spark of love that fills me
With dreams untold
Each day I pray for evening
Just to be with you
Together at last at twilight time

Devon Music Inc.

(as recorded by Lobo)