Welcome to The Back Bay's Guestbook Volume 11

butch petree - 12/24/00 03:24:18
My Email:butch petree@aol.com
Where from: indianapolis
Favorite Lobo Album: all
Favorite Lobo Song: me and you and a dog named boo

Sheepy - 12/18/00 13:12:38
My Email:sheepy926@hotmail.com
Where from: HONG KONG
Favorite Lobo Song: I'd love you to want me
I just 25 years old. And one day I hear "I'd love you to want me" this song. I very like it, then come HERE to visit all the fans of LOBO.

Dale Reid - 12/14/00 13:24:34
My Email:reidy@octa4.net.au
Where from: Alice Springs NT Australia
Favorite Lobo Album: WalkAway From It All
Favorite Lobo Song: Gypsy and The MIdnight Ghost
excellent web page. found it to be very interesting

Philip Melton - 12/11/00 11:26:56
My Email:jenphilmel@bigpond.com
Where from: Central Coast, Australia
Favorite Lobo Album: Of A Simple Man/ Calumet
Favorite Lobo Song: I'd love you to want me/ afterglow
It was great to find this site.It's like Lobo doesnt exist in Australia anymore.Whe in the States in 1977 I bought a copy of "Afterglow" and have since lost it. The only album I can find it on is a greatest hits album which I have been told is no longer a ailable out here.Can someone help me.

Cerstin & Jörg Ulbricht - 12/02/00 10:33:09
My Email:Kitty270168@aol.com
Where from: Germany
Favorite Lobo Album: Calumet / A cowboy afraid of horses
Favorite Lobo Song: Come with me / Running Deer
Hello we found this site by chance and we were very pleased to see that LOBO's not forgotten. We have all the Albums, we could get in Germay... The last one was COME WITH ME. So we knew there was a later Chartsong (Where were you when I was fallinng in love), we couldn't get the album to that. We didn't know there were further LPs/CDs. Now that we've found out that there is more material by one of our favorite singers, we are eager to ko know whre we can buy those albums: Sometimes, Asian Moon, Something to remember. We would be very glad to get an answer from you. Thanks for offering this site Kitty & Joe (Cestin & Jörg)