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Sam Vetovich - webmaster - 07/31/99 02:08:31
My URL:http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Studio/6102
My Email:backbay@sunlink.net
Where From: Paxinos, Penna
My Favorite Lobo Album: Introducing Lobo

Kent....I want to wish you the happiest birthday. It has been an honor to be able to put this web site out on the internet for all of your fans to enjoy. Thanks for all the years of great music! May this web site be just a small gift in return!...Happy Birhtday!!!!

VINCENT - 07/30/99 23:06:30
My Favorite Lobo Album: MOST OF THEM

HAPPY B-DAY!! Your music bring a lot of joy to all age of people. Hope you will write some new song and hope to see you on tour. HAPPY B-DAY TO YOU AND MANY MORE!

VERBRAECKEN LUC - 07/30/99 18:40:16
My Email:verbraecken.luc@village.uunet.be
Where From: BELGIUM
My Favorite Lobo Album: 'ALL OF THEM


Eurico Rodrigues - 07/30/99 15:36:39
My URL:http://surf.to/euricorodrigues
My Email:eurico_r@hotmail.com
Where From: Bombay, India
My Favorite Lobo Album: The Best of Lobo

Dear Kent, Here's wishing you a very happy birthday,and may good health and peace be with you and your family always. Your music has been a very important part of my life, and has been with me thru thick and thin. Thankyou once again for the music, and i thank God f r gifting us "YOU". A few of my friends who do not have access to the net but are big fans of your music have asked me to convey their wishes. So here's goes...... "Nelson Vaz, Sharon Vaz, Revlon Vaz, Darryn Van'drine, Gracious D'costa, Theo Bastian, Valencio D'souza, Denzil Vaz, Rohit Rodrigues, Ninon Barneto & Kim Morris would like to wish you a very happy birthday....God Bless. Regards, Eurico Rodrigues

Lori - 07/30/99 13:56:57
My Email:lori@cybertours.com
Where From: Maine
My Favorite Lobo Album: All of them

I want to wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY and I do hope that you will make more albums soon. You're my very favorite of all and have listened to you since you first started. I'm 70 years old. Wish everyone wrote and sang like you. Hope you have many, ma y more birthdays. Hoping to hear more music from you very soon.

Arthur Koedam - 07/29/99 07:20:29
My Email:a.koedam@elsevier.nl
Where From: Netherlands

Dear Kent, Very happy Birthday! I am very pleased with the nice gesture to make the Rare Tracks available. It completes the picture. Looking forward to new Lobo material is probably my greatest wish! All the best. Arthur

John Freist - 07/28/99 11:59:42
My Email:john.freistsr@gte.net
Where From: Sterling Heights, Michigan
My Favorite Lobo Album: All Of Them

Happy Birthday R.K.L. Thanks for all the great music. Our listeners here in Detroit still request your songs on my radio show. All the best from Detroit On your birthday

Tim Belet - 07/28/99 03:13:34
My URL:http://members.aol.com/tbelet/
My Email:tbelet@aol.com
Where From: Crofton, MD
My Favorite Lobo Album: Of A Simple Man (Currently)

After almost 30 years, your music remains a part of my life. It is often part of my daily guitar playing, and the lyrics to many of your songs are still true, especially those on "Of A Simple Man". Have a Happy Birthday!

John R. Lopata - 07/28/99 02:50:04
My Email:fanofphils@aol.com
Where From: The Woodlands,TX
My Favorite Lobo Album: Every one of them!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY,LOBO!!! Thanks for all the great music and memories throughout the years. I remember when "Calumet" was released in '73 and I asked my mom to make me a jacket just like the one on the cover that you were wearing. She did a great job, howeve , now I can't find it(I'm sure it wouldn't fit anyway)!Hopefully sometime soon, we can find you in concert so that we can enjoy your music with you. Best Wishes and God Bless.

Dick Schatz - 07/27/99 06:15:39
My Email:Schatzfam@aol.com
Where From: Abington, Mass, USA
My Favorite Lobo Album: Calumet (especially the Rhino German reissue on cd)

For the second year in a row, my family and I wish you a very happy birthday. We all hope you are fully recovered from your recent hospital stay. Last year, I thanked you for your wonderful music, and what it has meant to me. I certainly want to reiter te that now, and also note that your music provided the inspiration for me to travel and meet some wonderful new friends at the Lobo Fest. It was a great time, and we would all love to see you there some year! Thanks, again. Dick

Jeff Jerrett - 07/26/99 23:55:22
My Email:JLJ21760@AOL.COM
Where From: Marcellus, NY
My Favorite Lobo Album: "All" of them

Happy Birthday to you and I wish for many more productive ones. And as I've always said, thank you for putting your thoughts, and life onto paper and vinyl for us. Without your music, I would not be who I am today and I love who I've turned out to be. ou speek the words I've always wanted to say.

Rick Mannor - 07/26/99 14:05:49
My Email:rmannor@michweb.net
Where From: Michigan
My Favorite Lobo Album: Of A Simple Man

Happy Birthday Lobo!!! I wish you every happiness in the next year. You have certainly recorded some of the most moving music of our times. I hope you will consider doing a few live shows in the U.S. in the near future. Take Care, Rick

Suman K. Manandhar - 07/26/99 07:33:47
My URL:http://www.rcc.ait.ac.th/staff/suman
My Email:sumankm@hotmail.com
Where From: Geneva
My Favorite Lobo Album: The Best of Lobo

Dear Lobo, I wish you happiness and good health on your big day. We are fortunate to have you and your lovely music on this planet. Thanks 2 Sam for keeping the fans in touch, Love, Suman

krishan raman - 07/26/99 02:10:58
My Email:kraman@hotmail.com
Where From: India
My Favorite Lobo Album: Bombay Moon

Lobo's music is a one of the biggest source of my entertainment. I am learning guitar inorder to play some of Lobo's music myself. I simply love it, and recommend it to everyone.

Gary Morgan - 07/24/99 20:38:25
My Email:cltl@webtv.net
Where From: Indiana-USA
My Favorite Lobo Album: Of Simple Man

Happy Birthday "LOBO", I guess all great people are born in July. Mine, 13th. You have been a great insperation to me in my growing up. Been through alot, done alot, and listened to LOBO alot. Still listen to you alot. THANKS for all the songs you had for me to grow with. You are one in a million when it comes to music in my book anyway. Happy Birthday LOBO and may God Bless.

Bobby J. Poe (BJ) - 07/23/99 23:22:39
My Email:BoJo1956@AOL.com
Where From: Cottondale, Alabama
My Favorite Lobo Album: I could never pick just one but "Calumet" has been the most influential in my life.

Happy birthday to the greatest singer-songwriter ever. Thank you for recording "our" feelings and lives to music and sharing it with us. My wife Ladonna and I wish there was some way to pay back and show you what your music has meant to us. Thank you and may God bless BJ

John Dersham - 07/23/99 21:30:48
My Email:jdersham@.mindspring.com
Where From: Birmingham, AL
My Favorite Lobo Album: Calumet and Sometimes

Happy Birthday Lobo Now that I have your Rare Tracks tape I can Thank You for 35 years of wonderful music. 1964-99 and all the inbetween years. You are my favorite singer songwriter of all times. Thanks for the joy you have brought to me, my family and all the many fans from all over the world. Happy Birthday 1999. Best Regards, John Dersham

SHANE SHAW - 07/21/99 11:22:43
My Email:shane@omen.com.au
Where From: Perth, Australia
My Favorite Lobo Album: ALL OF THEM Best Song Me And You and a dog named Boo & ARmstrong

Hello and a very happy birthday to you LOBO. I hope you have a great day and many more birthday's to come. I should point out that your song "ARMSTRONG" would have been a fitting tribute to the crew of Apollo 11 today as this is the 30th anniversary of Ne l Armstrong's landing on the Moon. Still enouth of that we would really love to see you come to Australia especially Western Australia and when you come "DINNER IS ME" All the best and keep the music coming. SHANE SHAW

Ann Alm - 07/20/99 17:04:26
My Email:mauros@algonet.se
Where From: Sweden
My Favorite Lobo Album: Calumet

I wish you a very happy birthday!

Perri Hamilton - 07/20/99 02:00:58
My Email:phamilton@mail.holton.k12.ks.us
Where From: Kansas/Georgia/Florida
My Favorite Lobo Album: Best of Lobo

Happy birthday to one who was soooooo close and yet so far in 1960, from one who enjoyed hay rides to "Sand Mountain" trips to BOK tower and school at Lakeland High School.

John - 07/19/99 20:29:50
My Email:milmac@paradise.net.nz
Where From: New Zealand
My Favorite Lobo Album: All

You were such a great part of growing up & your songs mean so much - come back ! Why don't you come to New Zealand, see the country & do a couple of shows - I know some promoters who do this sort of stuff. Happy Birthday !

Lori - 07/19/99 18:11:39
My Email:lori@cybertours.com
Where From: Maine
My Favorite Lobo Album: Best of Lobo

I would like to wish you a very Happy Birthday and hope you have many many more. What I would like most is that you come back and make a few more albums. I'm 70 years old and still like you the best of all. Been listening to you since you began. I've iked just about everything you've recorded. Great voice, nice music and lyrics. Please come back and make a few more. Best Wishes Lori from Maine

Doug - 07/19/99 06:11:47
Where From: Iowa
My Favorite Lobo Album: Of A Simple Man

Hello Kent, Another year goes by and your music continues to age even more gracefully. Hopefully you are in good health and spirits as you read this and I want you to know that your music has been a blessing in my life. A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!

BS Lee - 07/19/99 05:00:07
My URL:http://www.geocities.com/Tokyo/Gulf/9978
My Email:lbs@pc.jaring.my
Where From: Malaysia
My Favorite Lobo Album: Believe me! - All of them.

Dear Kent, I've cherished your music and great songs for 25 years now and truly it has had a great impact on my life. It's always my hope that you will continue writing your great tunes and keep us fans enjoying them. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Kent! My Best regards o you too!

Rick Hallanger - 07/19/99 03:10:57
My Email:ricko@means.net
Where From: Faribault, MN
My Favorite Lobo Album: I can't pick... I like them all... my favorite song... it sure took a long,long time.

Hey Lobo... happy Birthday to a fellow Leo... my birthday is August 1... Now I understand why I like your music

Nickey Mashburn - 07/19/99 02:34:27
My Email:nickeym@cajunnet.com
Where From: Houma, La.
My Favorite Lobo Album: A Cowboy Afraid of Horses

Just a quick note to wish Kent "LOBO" Lavoie a very happy birthday this July 31. I also wanted t personally thank him for all the years of great music he has given us. His music was always there to comfort me during sad times, and lift me even higher du ing the good times. So, from us down here in Cajun Land, A Very Happy Birthday!!! Nickey, Linda, Jessica, & Erica Mashburn